iENSO ingenuity powers tomorrow’s embedded vision applications

When you choose iENSO, you partner with a global network of embedded vision systems ingenuity that specializes in delivering solutions to application-specific challenges.

Vision Know-how

Image Stabilization
Power Optimization
Size and Form Factors
Image Quality
Integrated Processing
Connectivity and Communications
Edge and Cloud Computing
Field of View and Lens Alignment


Birders Get the Birdcam Picture They Want

When customers complained that its motion-activated digital wildlife camera kept missing the shot, Moultrie turned to iENSO for help to create a better birdcam.

Find the iENSO embedded vision technology that’s right for your application

iENSO supplies customizable, off-the-shelf embedded vision systems for a range of industrial, commercial and consumer applications. Find yours.


iENSO embedded vision systems for robotics applications include:

Home Automation

iENSO embedded vision systems for home automation applications include:

Interactive Toys

iENSO embedded vision systems for interactive toy applications include:


iENSO embedded vision systems for drone applications include:

Specialty Surveillance

iENSO embedded vision systems for specialty surveillance applications include:

After Market Automotive

iENSO embedded vision systems for after-market automotive applications include:

Precision Farming

iENSO embedded vision systems for precision farming applications include:

Consistent Quality

From six-axis lens alignment to consistently accurate color quality to ML, AI and ubiquitous connectivity, we guarantee that every iENSO embedded vision system will perform to spec.

Secure supply

With iENSO engineers on the floor in all of our manufacturing partner facilities, we guarantee the quality and quantity of supply you need to make your application a success.

Compelling economics

And with our years of experience in the design and development of industrial, machine and consumer vision technologies, we can provide a cost-effective, no compromise embedded vision solution for your application.