iENSO selected as primary supplier by Digital Bolex for its first digital cinema camera known as the Digital Bolex D16

Toronto, ON (March 15th 2012) – iENSO, the solution provider for embedded systems, and Digital Bolex, the California-based company behind the World’s first crowdsourced cinema camera, announced that iENSO will finalize the design and supply the Digital Bolex D16.

The Digital Bolex D16 is the world’s first crowdsourced cinema camera and is a modern take on the classic Bolex camera. The Digital Bolex is a “digital cinema camera” or a camera that shoots RAW images (sometimes known as Digital Negatives) instead of compressed video. Unlike the digital cinema cameras used on big budget films, the Bolex is designed with consumers as well as pros in mind, and will be inexpensive, compact, and easy for anyone to use, just like the film cameras of traditional times.

“We are very proud to have been selected to deliver this innovative digital camera,” says Mike Liwak VP Engineering at iENSO. “As in any cinema camera, quality and reliability are of utmost importance and we look forward to delivering a product to customers who have placed their faith in the new Digital Bolex”

The D16 promises a different take for the cinema camera market and will deliver the highest quality image/video that can be used in any major movie production, but with a different approach to make it affordable to the independent film maker.

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