For companies looking for off-the-shelf, customizable, and cost-effective processing power, iENSO’s proven Vision SOMs ecosystem offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to embedded vision design, Edge computing integration and manufacturing.

The iENSO SOMs for vision systems support world-leading SOCs, ISPs, and DSPs, featuring:

  • Off-the-shelf image processing solution. Reduce time to market, overall costs and risk with production-ready modules.
  • Customization support. For your unique applications, benefit from a range of SOMs, ranging from entry level for basic processing to high-performance customizable solutions.
  • Edge AI enabled. Work with iENSO’s engineers to determine what level of computing should be on the Edge vs. in the Cloud. We protect your IP while enabling you to use the full footprint to deliver value and innovation.
  • Life-cycle guarantee. Rely on our versatile life-cycle supply plans to ensure continued production and innovation.

For help selecting a SOM, please see the comparison table or contact us.

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