The iENSO iSM-IMX377 is the quality leader MIPI sensor module that adapt to iENSO’s embedded ecosystem of SOMs, vision systems, and wireless connectivity modules.

The iSM-IMX377 uses SONY’s IMX377 sensor, with HDR and advanced backside-illuminated structure, to reach high sensitivity and realize high quality.

The SONY IMX377 sensor features a type 1/2.3” color CMOS with 12.35M effective pixel with digital overlap HDR technology and it’s suitable for various types of iENSO lenses.


Suggested next generation sensor module: iSM-IMX577




Shutter Type


Max. Resolution (MP)


Optical Format (inch)


Pixel Size (µm)

1.55 x 1.55



Frame Rate (max.)

40fps 10bit / 35fps 12bit


Digital overlap supported

Key Specifications:

  • Framerate: 35 fps at 12MP, 12 bits (60 fps at 8.29MP, 10 bits) over MIPI CSI-2 interface for RAW data output.
  • Pixel details: 1.55x1.55 μm, 4024 x 3036 array (4:3 format), STARVIS BSI, ME/DOL-HDR, rolling shutter.
  • Package/Environmental: Ceramic LGA with 128 pins, -10°C to 60°C sensor ambient guaranteed performance temperature.

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