Complete vision solutions, ready to embed and
customize in any IoT application

Optimized systems, modules and components + unparalleled integration – iENSO has the solution for your embedded vision challenge.

Meet your technical requirements and your marketing criteria

Meet your technical requirements and your marketing criteria

iENSO packs a global network of design, engineering and manufacturing expertise into every embedded vision system, module and component. That means consistent quality, secure supply and compelling economics.

The imaging technology your design requires – ready to embed

iEnso integrates the imaging industry’s leading sensors, signal processors and connectivity into compact, low-power consumption designs that can help you bring your vision to market quickly, economically and without risk.



Outdoorsmen Gain a Smarter Remote Eye on Wildlife

Trail cameras bring game sightings right to the cellphones of outdoorsmen who live for the thrill of the hunt. But early offerings suffered from poor image quality, poor image capture and short battery life.

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