A secure, seamless, scalable imaging-centric Cloud platform

OEM’s, ODM’s and product companies can expand the income potential of any device and increase speed to market by ‘plugging’ into the iENSO Cloud. Through subscription services delivery, the iENSO Cloud enables new and recurring revenue streams.

Our secure cloud solution is optimized for efficiently aggregating, processing, analyzing and retaining vast amounts of data including video, audio and any metadata. Providing endless service integration options delivers flexibility and helps to drive your business forward.

Make your products stand out by providing the latest features through proven subscription-based models, push regular updates to AI models and delight your customer through the whole process. Data-based insights will ensure your roadmap reflects how your customers are and plan to use your products.


iENSO Cloud supports all popular hosting platforms including AWS, Azure, GCP and Private Clouds (on-premise instance)


Deep integration allows full control over customer privacy with encrypted video + data pipeline


iENSO Cloud’s elastic platform enables scaling up and down automatically, connects to external services and offers white label options

The iENSO Cloud advantage

  • Speed to Market
    Adopt a proven Cloud platform which delivers lower TCO
  • Scalable Cloud Storage
    Flexible and cost-efficient storage options
  • End-to-End AI Delivery Platform
    Integrate your hardware, software and AI seamlessly
  • Service Delivery Focused
    Creates recurring revenue stream opportunities
  • Enabling Decision Making
    Data Aggregation & Inference from Connected Devices
  • Service Delivery Flexibility
    iENSO, SaaS or self-hosted
  • Multi-region Support
    Fault Tolerance, Low Latency, Local Privacy Regulations Compliance
  • Own your Customers Data
    Exclusive ownership of your customers stored data
  • Fully Customizable
    Built to meet the evolving needs of our customers and partners
  • White Label User Dashboard
    For a customer experience that keeps your brand front and center

Imagine the possibilities with iENSO Cloud

Learn about how the iENSO cloud can create additional value and revenue opportunities for your business. Contact us.

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