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Isn’t that what you want from your embedded vision systems partner?

iENSO makes intelligent, connected vision systems for companies that need to embed cameras, image processing, Edge AI, and data connectivity capabilities in their products. We take a platform-based approach called EVPaaS™ (Embedded Vision Platform as a Service) to let you focus on your core strengths while we deliver the rest.

We’ve been doing that and only that for almost fifteen years as pioneers, leaders and masters of a global network of design, engineering and manufacturing expertise that will make your vision a reality.

Ambarella-based embedded vision applications.

iENSO is driven

We’re driven by the possibilities and the challenges. And we’re led by the industry’s finest.


Josef Bornbaum

CEO and Co-Founder

A senior entrepreneurial business executive, Josef has led a diverse series of tech, industrial, consumer design, food and medical products ventures to acquisition. Often operating internationally, Josef has guided multiple companies, including CTI Industries, Motion Concept, Protenergy and AVO Photonics to realize successful outcomes in excess of over $100M. His leadership philosophy is to always build strong teams and support growth through mentoring. Says Joe: “Success comes from developing shared values and goals.”


Vlad Kardashov


With two decades of extensive executive experience at the helm of product development and R&D organizations, Vlad now serves as the President of the company. Since 2020, he has been leading the Engineering team with a specific focus on vision and Edge AI. Before his tenure at iENSO, Vlad spent nine years at FLIR Systems, including four years as the Vice President of Engineering at the world's largest company specializing in the design and production of imaging cameras, components, and thermal imaging sensors. During this time, he expertly managed large-scale, globally distributed product development and engineering teams throughout the product development cycle. Prior to that, Vlad held senior engineering and product development roles at Lorex, Emblaze Mobile, and other prominent high-tech companies. Vlad earned his BSc in Electrical Engineering from The Singalovsky College in Tel Aviv, Israel..


Nick Orbak

Director of Finance

Experienced finance professional with a demonstrated history of driving financial excellence and strategic decision-making. As Financial Executive, Nick leverages his extensive background from different industries ( manufacturing, retail, projects, and general contracting) to optimize fiscal performance and support the overall success of the organization. Prior to IENSO he held senior finance roles at Siemens Israel, Servco Canada and other companies.

Nick earned his BA in Economics and Accounting from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel and holds CPA certification from both Israel and Canada.

Technology Partners

iENSO is proud to partner with industry-leading firms to bring embedded vision data excellence to our clients.

We work directly with our trusted partners to continually add capabilities to our embedded vision data systems, including the latest advancements in edge computing, cloud services, AI processing, security, and image capture.


iENSO is proud to be an Ambarella Design House and Product Partner, offering Ambarella-based integrated systems for embedded vision applications. Ambarella’s innovative vision processors are helping drive complex vision data applications, providing Edge AI capabilities.

The Ambarella ecosystem includes turnkey products with pre-integrated sensors and lens options that are tuned, and tested.

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iENSO is proud to be working directly with Allwinner, offering Allwinner-based SOMs and integrated systems for embedded vision applications. Allwinner’s high-quality vision processors are helping drive a wide range of capabilities in IoT embedded vision, including providing Edge AI.

We offer an Allwinner-based product ecosystem that includes turnkey products with MIPI sensors and lenses already integrated, tuned, and tested.

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iENSO is proud to be working with Sony’s innovative and high-quality image sensors to capture image and video data in a variety of challenging environments. We bring Sony’s technological advancements to our customers’ embedded vision applications.

We offer integrated systems that are pre-tuned and tested for a range of embedded vision applications.

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