Medical Embedded Camera System

The importance of medical applications has taken front and center in the age of COVID-19 and the world is looking for innovation and ingenuity from this critical vertical.

iENSO has been enabling medical companies for years with embedded vision technologies that range from small form factor endoscopy and airway management to telemedicine devices that need embedded imaging and edge AI.


  • Endoscopy micro-imaging camera system
  • Airway management and intubation assistance devices
  • Head-mount medical camera (for dental and ophthalmology clinics)
  • Portable (hand-held) medical camera for dermatology, ultrasound
  • Telemedicine applications

Key Specifications:

Our ready-to-customize embedded vision solution includes:
  • High sensitivity, wide dynamic range, optimized low-light image
  • Fast and reliable camera with choices of global shutter and frame rate sensors
  • Top-quality color image with premium ISP and auto image function
  • Customizable software control function for easy integration and operation
  • Industrial excellency with mechanical design capability to meet medical standards
iENSO’s 15+ years of engineering experience global network of design, development, and manufacturing expertise are at your service.

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    Partnering with iENSO for your embedded vision technology means:
    Consistent Quality

    From six axis lens alignment to consistently accurate color quality, to Al and ubiquitous connectivity, we guarantee that every iENSO embedded vision system will perform to spec.

    Secure Supply

    With iENSO engineers Co the floor in all of our manufacturing partner facilities, we guarantee the quality and quantity of supply you need to make your application a success.

    Compelling Economics

    With our years of experience in the design and development of industrial, machine and consumer vision technologies, we can provide a cost effective, no compromise embedded vision solution for your application.

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