Women in Technology: Meet Tenaha Stilzebach

On International Women’s Day, we spoke with our own Tenaha Stilzebach, Director of Finance and HR of iENSO, to talk women in tech, the importance of representation and advice on how to build your career in the technology industry.

Tell me about your career in the industry, how did you come to work at iENSO?

I have been working in the technology industry my entire career, starting at a telecom company then moving into the Imaging Industry, working for both manufacturers and distributors. At my previous company, iENSO was a partner of ours and my first impression was of a family-type corporate culture, with a team of individuals who are willing and happy to go the extra mile for their customers. This is very much aligned with my work philosophy, so when the opportunity arose with iENSO, I did not hesitate to join the team.

Walk me through a day in the life at your job – what is it like working at iENSO?

I’m an early bird, so I get my day started before 7 AM, many days even earlier as we are lucky to have a fairly flexible workday. From there it is a busy day that is different from one day to the next! I am fortunate to head both HR and Finance, allowing me to learn new things every day in both areas, working with my talented colleagues and meeting (virtually, of course) new contacts. I also get the opportunity to stretch my wings and get involved in aspects of the business that are new to me, broadening my experience.

What is the company culture like? What are the best parts of working on this team?

On my very first day, I must have had fifteen emails from my new team-mates welcoming me to the team. I knew from this warm reception that I was going to enjoy working here. The team spirit and collaboration at iENSO is extraordinary, with a real, can-do attitude!

What initially drew you to iENSO and the technology industry?

While iENSO has been around for 17 years, we are at an exciting point in our history as we pivot the company for growth. I wanted to be a part of that growth and challenge!

Being a woman in the technology industry, do you have any advice for women entering a male-dominated field?

The numbers representing women in tech companies are not currently in our favour, but they will be in the very near future. Every challenge brings an opportunity to do something and I am doing my part as the head of Finance and HR. Being a woman in tech is a badge of honour and we can contribute to our footprint in all roles in high tech companies. Be proud, be assertive, be heard and be a positive role model to others.

What do you think we should be doing more of to encourage more girls to consider a career in technology?

At iENSO, we are building a COOP program and an entry-level program that will encourage young female engineers as well as women in other fields. We must lead by example and show young women they have opportunities and can make a positive impact from day one. We must also pay attention to our children and expose them early to the possibilities and opportunities in technology.

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