iENSO Launches Ambarella-based Camera Platforms to Support Next-Generation IoT & Surveillance Applications

Combining the performance of established brands with a flexible, solution-driven architecture to help manufacturers win markets and drive value with AI

TORONTO, ON (March 21, 2023) – iENSO, the world’s leading supplier of intelligent and connected embedded vision platforms, today launched its Ambarella-based iVS-CV22 and iVS-CV28P camera solutions to support cutting-edge IoT and surveillance applications. Combining state-of-the-art, on-camera AI with flexible image sensor and connectivity options, these platforms address growing market demands for highly customizable features without sacrificing performance or power consumption. The iVS-CV22 and iVS-CV28P solutions will be on display at ISC West in Las Vegas on March 29th and 30th.

“Manufacturers are demanding an unprecedented level of flexibility and performance in their vision technologies while also managing rising supplier costs and the complexities of national security and privacy requirements,” said Vlad Kardashov, V.P. of Engineering at iENSO. “The iVS-CV22 and iVS-CV28P camera platforms enable development teams with the imaging performance of the leading brands and the customizability to deliver innovative and differentiating features based on today’s AI, security, and cloud expectations.”

Transforming how embedded vision products are made

With the AI in computer vision market expected to reach over $45 billion in just a few years, the need for high-performance, secure, and low-power applications is at all-time high. The iENSO iVS-CV22 and iVS-CV28P eliminate the barriers to accessing the capabilities of the AI-focused system-on-chip (SoC) series from Ambarella, optimized for running AI efficiently on-camera with unparalleled compression efficiency, image quality performance. Exclusively developed in North America and Europe to support customized IoT and surveillance applications, the iVS-CV22 and iVS-CV28P camera platforms are NDAA/TAA compliant with flexible image sensor, AI implementation (manufacturer or third-party developed), and connectivity options for optimized processing at the edge and in the cloud with uncompromised end-to-end security.

The iVS-CV28P is the Ambarella CV28-based camera platform designed for applications that must balance processing power with strict requirements for size, power consumption, and cost, such as IoT and consumer/SMB surveillance. Its features include:

  • Excellent on-device AI/CNN processing capability for high volume applications
  • Ultra-Low Power Mode for use in battery-operated devices
  • Best-in class image quality for consumer and small business applications

The iVS-CV22 is the Ambarella CV22-based camera platform designed for applications requiring greater amounts of processing power, such as commercial surveillance, robotics, embedded imaging, and construction applications. Its features include:

  • Dedicated high-performance AI/CNN vector processing unit for commercial applications
  • Multi-sensor support
  • Significant power savings versus popular commercial grade SoC’s (sub 4XW @ 4K/60 FPS)

“Manufacturers want to disrupt their traditional camera supply chains with new technologies that help them differentiate and win in complex global markets,” Kardashov said. “Through our platform-based, solution-oriented approach and our extensive cloud experience, iENSO is well positioned as an innovative, competitive, and security-focused alternative to the traditional OEM/ODM model by focusing on delivering end-user value rather than just selling camera equipment.”

Visit iENSO at ISC West in Las Vegas

To see iENSO solutions in action, visit the iENSO solutions suite at ISC West in Las Vegas on March 29th and 30th at the Venetian Expo. Ensure a spot by sending an email to [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

About iENSO

Established in 2003, iENSO is the embedded vision collaboration partner for major international brands, including several Fortune 500 companies. The company designs, builds and integrates custom vision and multi-sensor systems for companies that need to embed cameras, sensing capability, image processing, Edge AI, and cloud services capabilities in their products. With iENSO, brand owners can embed intelligent data extraction and analysis, protected by robust cybersecurity technology, to support real-time decision making at the edge. This extends from appliances and devices around the home, to a range of industrial and commercial applications, including robotics, autonomous vehicles, agriculture, and security.

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